The foxes had a cub!


For all those who have read my previous posts on these foxes here  and here you will realise why I’m so excited about this.

A quick refresh- a few months ago a group of foxes that lived at the back of my home had been suffering with Sarcoptic Mange, which is often life threatening. The RSPCA unfortunately couldn’t help me so I got in contact with a fox charity ( NFWS)
and they supplied me with some natural medicine to put in their food. Well I was so happy to see them getting better, and their fur growing back and today I’ve just spotted  4 foxes in my neighbours garden with a new cub!
I was worried for a long time that these foxes wouldn’t survive due to the disease so now I’m so very happy to see that they have even managed to breed a healthy cub.:D


This fox is adorable, it was lovely to see him running about playing on the grass with a spring in his step.
It made me laugh because he looked like he was teasing the other foxes and got himself  shouted at!




The foxes are used to me by now so they didn’t mind me climbing out my window to take a picture, although the cubs mother did seem to be a bit weary at first and watched me but then she must have been fine about it because she fell asleep.


The picture quality is pretty bad as I took it on my phone and from a bit of a distance to avoid disturbing them but you can still see how cute and what a little poser this new fox addition is!



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