A fox in need

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I absolutely adore foxes and I’m lucky enough to live next to a fox den. I’ve seen up to four foxes a time in my neighbours garden and it’s really lovely to watch  but yesterday I saw a fox suffering with Sarcoptic Mange.  Sarcoptic Mange is common among foxes but it can be fatal if untreated.  It’s caused by a parasitic mite and is very contagious  ( it can spread to other foxes and to cats and dogs) unfortunately if it does go  untreated it can cause organ failure.  This fox has completely lost all it’s hair on his tail and back so it’s worrying as  to what stage of the disease it’s at.It’s very fragile looking and seems to be walking  awkwardly which breaks my heart. It even let a cat slap it and didn’t bat an eyelid.

  I contacted the RSPCA yesterday and I was worried they weren’t going to be able  to help me because the fox had gone again by the time I had spoke to them.  However the RSPCA determined this as an emergency and went through with me  the details on how I can help them catch the fox.

 I have to establish a feeding routine which means pestering my neighbour for access  to her garden everyday to lay down some of my cats food for it and I’m pretty sure  she thinks I’m crazy fox lady but never mind, I want this fox to be treated. Establishing a feeding routine will encourage the fox to come into the garden  regularly making it easier for them to catch. I was also told if there is any way I can contain the fox then I should do it but how  do you catch a fox?

Foxes suffering with Sarcoptic Mange will usually approach people which is handy  but I have the worry of transferring the disease on to my cat which I’m avoiding  at all costs.

 If the RSPCA are unable to catch the fox I’m going to have to ask them for some   mange treatment so I can put it in some jam sandwiches ( foxes love sweet things  including jam and peanut butter sandwiches). If the RSPCA is unable to help him  I’m going to contact NFWS ( National fox welfare society). I really hope this fox is able to get the treatment it needs and I’m going to do my  damn best to help it. Not only is this fox at risk of dying but as mange is so  contagious it puts the other foxes at risk as well as the cats it comes in contact with.

 It’s so important to look after wildlife and if you see a sick or injured animals to  report them so they can get the help they need.


11 thoughts on “A fox in need

  1. So great to hear you’re trying to help the fox and that the RSPCA are helping. Not sure it’s safe to catch and confine wild animals though, let alone one with a contagious disease. When we called the RSPCA about an injured badger, they told us that they couldn’t come out until the morning so we should put it in the boot of our car, take it home and call them back in the morning if it was still alive. When I questioned their advice, saying badgers are notoriously dangerous; their own website strongly advises against trying to confine a wild animal, and that the badger would bleed all over the boot of our car (and that we had no idea how to care for an injured badger overnight nor anywhere to keep it), they told us to use gauntlet gloves to catch it, roll it in some carpet and put it in a plastic box in the boot. They clearly think everyone carries a serial killer kit in their car boot! xx

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    1. Haha I know the rspca are great what they do but can be silly sometimes. As I said I can’t afford to catch the fox incase I give mange to my cat. I’m at a loss what to do really if I can’t lure the fox in with food because the rspca won’t go looking for the fox to catch themselves. It’s frustrating. What happened with the badger in the end? x

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      1. We had to leave the badger after two hours or so on the phone to different parts of the RSPCA trying to get them to come out. In fairness, the badger had lost a lot of blood and hadn’t moved since we found it so was more than likely already dead. Didn’t make me feel better about them not even coming out to check though. I completely agree that you shouldn’t try to catch the fox – it would be dangerous regardless of the mange! I really hope they do come out to help. If not, just remember that you’ve done everything you can – it’s their choice if they won’t come out and try to catch it. xx

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      2. That’s awful they wouldn’t come out, poor badger. It’s lovely that you tried to help it and they should have helped you more. I know its hard to do anything if they won’t come out but like you said it doesn’t make you feel any better it makes you feel helpless 😦 x

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