Fox update


I’m so happy right now because things are looking up the foxes!  I was getting upset and frustrated that the RSPCA wouldn’t come out until the fox  was insight and despite me feeding the foxes to establish a feeding routine  I obviously couldn’t possibly watch out the window 24/7 until the fox was visible.

I was starting to worry, I hadn’t seen that fox since but I saw 2 other foxes that were  both itching frantically ( a sign of mange). I had to do something so I contacted  the National Fox Welfare Society and put in a request form for some mange treatment  that I can administer myself. This was about Wednesday and I was get a little  disheartened I hadn’t received an email back but to my absolute delight today  in the post was a bottle of Sarcoptic Mange Treatment.

I’ve been given a homeopathic remedy and I’m to put four drops in to jam sandwiches  daily until I see an improvement.

 I was concerned at first that I might give them too much resulting in an overdose  or that other wildlife might eat them but this treatment is made from all natural  ingredients so isn’t dangerous, ruling out these potential problems.

I should apparently notice an improvement after three/four weeks and the fur  should start to grow back.

I cant thank the NFWS enough for this, they are such an amazing organisation.  The are completely voluntary based and send out treatment for free. I will be  making a donation soon as the work they do is fantastic and worth supporting.


Their website:


15 thoughts on “Fox update

    1. It looks like quite a few of them have mange in beginning forms so I’m giving them all the treatment. They do seem to have more energy and moving a bit better and I’m just waiting for their hair to grow back but I think it’s working 🙂 🙂 🙂 x


      1. Do you? That’s really sweet. So many people don’t like foxes but I love them and defend them ferociously haha. I managed to snap a picture of one of them. I’ve watching him since he was a cub and named him Little Red and he knows his name and stops for me when I call him and lets me get quite close. He’s really friendly. I’ll have to post it one day its just not very good quality because I took it from a distance x


      2. Oh I’d love to see a picture. 🙂 I do think about it a lot. I’ve even told my husband all about it and update him as you update me. We both think it’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing. Most people would be annoyed by them or possibly feel bad but move on with their day. You are doing such a kind thing and you know I love a kind thing 😉

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