Is our life becoming virtual?


Every time a new form of technology is brought out I admit I feel  a flicker of  disheartenment. Despite only being born in the 90s I’ve seen technology boom around  me and  I’m not so sure I’m ok with that. The thought occurred to me one morning as scrolled through my phone as  I  drank my first coffee of the morning. I was on the internet  before id  even cleaned my teeth. The thought was actually quite  depressing   to think that most people probably do the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong the internet is a powerful source of knowledge  and information. Long before laptops, tablets or smartphones if someone  wanted to learn something  they had few choices- books, word of mouth  or first hand experiences. Today is obviously a lot simpler- want to know the who the King of  England was in 1726 or how to get  nail polish off your favourite dress-  a few words into googles search engine and you have your answer,  hey you don’t even have to type out your question properly,  google will  correct it. With access to so much  information online  you can find out just about everything with little  effort, you don’t even  have to leave your seat. It’s amazing that you can reconnect with lost friends over facebook  or interact with someone across  the world in a couple of clicks.

Access to youtube, your favourite tv programmes, films and music can   provide you with hours of entertainment, and that’s great.

Technology is certainly useful and convenient but at what cost.?

I’m very interested in horror films about technology and social media  because to be honest it is something a fear a little- the repercussions  of complete dependence on technology. I watched a  film called #horror  about a group of 12 year olds with a social media  addiction resulting  in cyber bullying that ended disastrously.   But it wasn’t the killing that bothered me it was the underlining  message  of what our world has become. Technology has made us more vain, self obsessed and further away   from reality than before.

How many hours of life are wasted trying to snap that perfect selfie? How many of us spend our lives comparing our lives to our friends  on social media ?And when sometime exciting is happening to us are  we too busy taking pictures of the important or enjoyable events  in our lives instead of experiencing  them to the fullest.

Technology could potentially illuminate the need for face to face human   interaction and that thought is scary. Technology has cleverly  found a  solution to practically everything- shopping, talking to friends,  you can even talk to an online doctor now if  you have a medical concern,  all from the comfort of your own home.

How many years before real social  interaction and regular human  contact could be eliminated all together? I’m all for making life easier but sometimes it’s just time to draw  a line somewhere.

Who can honestly say they can go a whole week without checking their  phone  or browsing the Internet? We are all totally dependant on  technology whether we want to believe it or not.

As much as I enjoy the entertainment, easily available information, convenience and the ability to connect with people all over the world  sometimes I do wish we could go back to simpler times.


4 thoughts on “Is our life becoming virtual?

  1. LOVE your post! We have some friends we used to meet more often for dinner. Now we rarely do, because the spend more time checking their phone than talking to us. I’m not against checking phones or glancing at text messages – it may be something urgent. But when your dinner companions are sitting there chatting on Facebook & playing games?? They’ve even sat at a table in a restaurant, with about 8-10 of us there, texting each other at the table. HUH??
    I’m with you on your thoughts here. (Even as I enjoy the benefits of technology by connecting with you here in this virtual world.)

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  2. not sure if i could do it for an entire week but 1 day each month is internet free for me and when i am travelling it is pretty much down to a minimum as well 🙂 those days feel amazing but i probably would miss the blogosphere if it was for much longer!

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