Plans to kill feral cats in Scotland


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The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland ( RZSS)  has been granted a license  allowing them to kill feral and stray cats with a shotgun in Scotland in a bid to save the Scottish wildcat from extinction in a conservation project  lead by Scottish Wildcat Action.

 This barbaric and necessary action is to prevent cross-mating with domestic  and feral cats which are deemed one of the main threats to the Scottish wildcat.

This is yet another government backed scheme targeting animals in a cruel  effort to ‘benefit’ another cause. This is another case of laziness on behalf of the organisation. The obvious  and kinder solution to end the threat to the wild cat is to neutering these  feral cats than just simply killing them to avoid breeding with the wildcat.

Protection of the Scottish wildcat is something I would normally back but  I most certainly do not agree with the upcoming plans intent on achieving this. To kill another animal to save another from extinction is unacceptable  especially as they are other means of protecting this species.

Feral cats can be and are neutered and in fact animal charities will often  catch them and neuter them before realising them back into the wild.

My concern is not only for the feral cats but also for roaming or missing pet cats.  Incidents have been reported where pet cats have been mistaken for feral and  taken in by cat charities. This unfortunately means pet cats could be in  danger of being shot in the process of this cruel action of the RZSS.

Thankfully many are condemning this cruel idea such as Cat’s protection and  Dr Paul O’Donoghue, Chief scientific Advisor to Wildcat Haven and the  previous advisor to Scottish Wildcat Action before leaving this position  following concerns of this action plan.

What the RZSS license application contained regarding feral cats:

“Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats, non-native or unfit for release will bedispatched according to standard predator  control practices, by the land manager, as per estate norms.  Dispatch with a 12 bore shotgun using number three shot  (lead shot not to be used overforeshore or wetlands), positioned 5m from  the trap, aiming at the head and front of shoulder, is recommended.”

The project also includes backing from the:

 Scottish Government,

 Chester Zoo,

Scottish Wildlife Trust,

 National Trust for Scotland

 The Royal School of Veterinary Studies Edinburgh University.

Whether you live in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK ( as I do) this is  an issue that effects us all.If you are a tax payer and an animal lover you  may be outraged to know the organisations wanting to carry out this action  are funded by taxpayers and the national lottery.

What can we do to help?If you feel passionately about this issue please make others aware and  if you’d like you can contact the following with your concerns:


7 thoughts on “Plans to kill feral cats in Scotland

  1. Despicable!! Why must man’kind’ always resort to violence to attempt to solve a problem..which doesn’t or isn’t going to work anyway!! They need to implement a humane and effective Trap-Neuter-Return method of dealing with this issue. The stray cats are another issue..those that haven’t converted to feral status still have a chance of being adopted out if they were to be caught with the potential to be re-homed. Then to prevent stray cats in the first place, the issue of pet responsibility needs to be implemented, promoted and enforced to prevent the public from carelessly thinking that they’re beloved pets will be okay – left to wonder in a world of many dangers and dangerous people.

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  2. This is just disgusting. People are to blame that there are stray cats… now they make themselves look even worse by killing them… I understand the thing with another species BUT there must be another wy to solve this problem instead of killing.

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