What’s wrong with black cats?


As I help out in media for a cat’s charity once a week and I get to read a lot of  stories of cats and news updates from the charity.

 I’ve come across this issue before and I was just as disgusted then as I am now.

 Cat’s protection and previously other charities have been overwhelmed  with black and black and white cat’s in their care long term as they struggle to re-home them.

 Many potential owners will seek out lighter colour cats with ginger and  tortoiseshell cats proving very popular.

 So why don’t people choose dark cats. You might think it’s something to  do with superstition but it’s even more concerning than that.  Some people pick cats that they believe look better in selfies. Seriously? not only is that completely wrong but it’s utterly disgusting.

Choosing an animal based on looks or colour is shallow enough in itself  but being put off black cats because you worry how good their going to  look in your facebook or twitter pics is ridiculous.  The potential owners that seek out a pet just for it’s attractiveness  on your social media should not have pets at all. Plain and simple.

I’ve had two cats my whole life and both have been black and white.



 My first was Cosmo that still lives with my mum.  We found her under my Grandad’s car, scared, meowing for help with her  eyes still bright blue. She was far too young to leave her mum and  has only recently learnt ‘typical cat behaviour’ after learning from my  cat Sharma. Was she dumped, got lost I’m not sure but no one came  looking for her and we took her in.




I got Sharma from a lovely lady who’s cat had a couple of kittens.  I was the last one their and so was she with all her colourful brothers  and sisters being picked before her.  Sharma is such a lovely and beautiful cat it seems crazy to me.



Now who can say these two don’t photograph well? Even if they didn’t  would I care? No. I don’t have a pet just for it’s superficial value they  are nothing less than a fluffy edition to your family and you  should love them unconditionally.

 So please if you are thinking of adopting a cat don’t ever overlook a black kitty!


Do you have a black or black and white cat? I’d love to here about your  black beauties in the comments 


26 thoughts on “What’s wrong with black cats?

  1. I too don’t understand people sometimes. Black cats are beautiful. I used to have a black cat. I loved her to bits. My brother has two black cats. They’re fierce huntresses. But they’re the cuddliest furballs when they’re around people.
    And I think black cats looks absolutely smashing in photos – but then, all cats do. ♥

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      1. Sadly black cats are thought to be witches. This is mainly in the rural areas where people still believe in witchcraft. There have been cases of terrible cruelty towards black cats and as you say, shelters are full of them. We have two rescued black cats. They are gorgeous 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, your post makes me want to adopt a black cat immediately! I’d never thought about cat color and adoption rates before and I am shocked that black cats are adopted less. They are so striking and beautiful! What a sad reality. I learned about your blog through A Kinder Way’s “Posts of Note.”

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  3. That sounds very sad that people take ‘selfies worthiness’ when they consider adopting a pet. What a sick world *sigh*. My house cat was an orphan street cat. My husky killed the mom, she was the only one in the litter that survived. It was karma though, she bullied the husky when she grew up.

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    1. It’s cruel isn’t it. I love to hear about people taking in street cats :)-they are really overlooked. It’s like your cat knew what your husky did isn’t it- I wouldn’t be surprised they are very intelligent creatures x

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      1. Maybe she knows. It is still quite hilarious to watch the small cat bullying the big husky. At times we were scared that the husky may lose it and give her a bite (thank goodness it never happens).

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