February Favourites




Laidbare Pack Your Bags Eye Cream 


I really liked the sound of this eye cream and after running out of my Antipodes  eyecream I thought I’d try something a little cheaper. This product contains natural  ingredients such as- Buckwheat Wax, Green Tea, Cotton Seed Oil & Wild Mango Butter and I was  especially interested in the Buckwheat ingredient as that helps to reduce  puffiness and bags. I enjoy using this product in the morning as if I’m completely  honest I stay up late and get up early so I need something to boost around my  eye area. I’m not saying this is a completely miracle product ( If one exists  please let me know) but I do feel it help my eyes feel more awake and hydrated  in the morning.

Wilkinson’s Eyelash Curlers


Wilkinsons may not be everyones first choice for makeup tools but I have a  terrible habit of losing my eyelash curlers so it seems pointless for me to invest  in a more expensive pair. I usually buy Superdrug’s own brand but I thought I’d try  these and I was so impressed! They were 95p and are a sturdy curler, have a good grip  and give the lashes a decent curl.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil


I’ve already done a blog post raving out this product which you can read here 🙂

Umberto Giannini-Full volume Hairspray for big hair 


This is something I haven’t recently purchased but I got as part of a hair set last year  and I’ve only really started using it and I love this hairspray. It has an incredible hold,  and is great for locking in curls. A little goes a long way with this product and it does  add a fair bit of volume to your hair.

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish


After finishing my S+G SugarCrush scrub I moved on to this and it has to be the best  body exfoliator I’ve ever used. It has the original Soap and Glory scent so naturally  smells amazing and it’s a nice thick scrub that contains Shea butter, sugar,  sea salt and peach seed. I used this mostly over my legs and arms and it leaves  them super smooth and hydrated.

Makeup Revolution Vamp Collection Lipstick 100% Vamp 



I admit in the past I’ve been a bit of a lipstick snob and would turn my nose up at £1  lipsticks.I just thought if their a pound they must last five minutes and give off  little colour. I hold my hands up Makeup Revolution I was very wrong! I’m a huge  fan of a berry lip and searched high and low for the perfect colour and I didn’t  think I’d find it in the Makeup Revolution section of Superdrug. The colour is really beautiful and works really well with a gold eye.  When paired with lipliner and applied with a lipbrush this lipstick stays on  all night and is very comfortable on the lips. I will definitely be trying out the other colours in their Vamp Collection.

What products have you been enjoying this month?


13 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. I love favourites posts – always great to get new ideas! My favourite products have probably been Pureology Purify clarifying shampoo (I couldn’t stop stroking my hair the first time I used it) and my bkr water bottles, which were expensive but have actually got me drinking so much more water without having to buy bottled water, which was proving expensive and wasteful! xx

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    1. I’ve just googled the bkr water bottles and they do look lovely ( now I want one). I’ve never tried Pureology hair products they look really good, I probably wouldn’t buy the conditioner though because I think it would end up being quite expensive with the amount of conditioner I use x

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      1. lol. I only use the clarifying shampoo from them at the moment so don’t need much or to use it often. I use tons of conditioner too – one of the many difficulties you face if you have long hair! I bought a huge 1l bottle of the clarifying shampoo so it is going to last me ages with me only using it once a week! Still working my way through my pre-vegan stash of hair products but can’t resist buying vegan ones to try too! I spend far too much on beauty products – might have a bit of an addiction. The bkr water bottles are lovely. I bought mine because they don’t make water taste like plastic and they can go in the dishwasher – I HATE washing up. 🙂 xx

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  2. Thanks so much for the recent like on my nail polish post 🙂 I checked out your blog, followed, and hope you’ll follow back. I have so many great beauty reviews on the way. I really enjoyed this post as well, and am totally going to try out that scrub!!

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