Are cats uncaring and disloyal?


I’ve heard quite a few people say they aren’t keen on cats or they much prefer  dogs because they are more loyal and friendly.  Cats haven’t got a great name for themselves in terms of affection giving.

 Results of a survey conducted by included what people  found were the different advantages between cats and dogs, and it was quite sad really.

dog_cat_person2 (2)

Cats came up on top for easiest to care for ,requiring less attention where as  dogs were considered more friendly and loyal as well as more apart of the family.

Science doesn’t even look favourably on cats when it comes to smashing any  misconceptions about them, as a study ‘ proved’ cats can’t love you the way  dogs do and essentially don’t really need you.

 I don’t care what the general public opinion is or what science has to say my cat is  as loving and loyal as any dog out there!

My cat Sharma is by no means perfect, a telling off will normally result in a long sulk (sometimes a revenge slap across my legs when I’m least expecting it)  and not paying her enough attention can end up with her body slamming me until I do. Yes,some cat’s are feisty and sometimes you question whether it is your cat  that actually owns you but that’s just one of the reasons I love them so much.

Don’t get me wrong I do love dogs but I can’t help feeling cats are a little misunderstood.

I don’t see an uncaring, disloyal animal when Sharma nudges my face when I’m  feeling sad, watches over me when I’m sick or runs over to me when I’ve injured myself. She’s also fiercely protective, she will guard the door if someone she doesn’t know  is behind it and if it’s someone she doesn’t like she will start growling.

My cat is far from unaffectionate and I feel nothing but love from her.  As with cats not needing their owners well my cat is a house cat so she’s  obviously more dependant on me but seeing her cuddle in to me at a vet check  up or look and meow for me if I’m away from her for too long shows me she needs me.

What has caused this stigma with cats I can’t say, perhaps it’s expectations.  If people choose to get a cat over another pet thinking their easier to take care  of and need less attention this could be the reason.  If you expect your cat too be aloof and fend for themselves they will.  I think cats return the love and attention you give them.

 Like humans all cats ( and every other animal) have their own personality  and character. You can’t make the assumption that any two are same,  you can’t accurately label all cats as sharing the same personality trait.

 All pets are capable of love and affection whether it’s a cat, dog, hamster or lizard.


13 thoughts on “Are cats uncaring and disloyal?

  1. She is beautiful. (Love her name) A bond can be made with any two beings. I am more a of a dog person, but in all honesty, I’ve only been around a couple of cats in my life. Both charming and affectionate. (one named meatloaf who pretty much never moved from his spot in the house so you had to go to him for affection, but it was still offered up when you did.)
    I can say this, i had a hamster when I was in my early 20s and that little girl loved me and I loved her. She would lay on my belly when I read. 🙂 I know there are plenty of people that would say she was incapable of love…but I would tell them they were wrong. 😉

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    1. Aww that sounds so cute, just proves that any animal is capable of love. When I was in art college they brought in different animals to life draw. The snake took a shine to me and was so affectionate, everyone was shocked and was recording it on their phones-they just couldn’t believe a snake could be so friendly and affectionate x

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  2. I have a rescue cat (cross between Persian and exotic shorthair) called Wendy and she is so loving and definitely part of the family! She always stays close and follows my two dogs when they go out in the garden or greet people at the door. She also snuggles into whoever is sat on the sofa haha! I think every cat is different and it depends on their personality 🙂

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  3. That poll is very sad like wtf?! I love all animals but when it comes to my pets, I have 6 cats (and 2 rodents) but I’d have dogs too if I could..but I choose not too as I don’t feel my cats would be very happy & cuz the hubby says so lol. I had dogs growing up but I’d say the reason I’m partial to cats is because I volunteered at a cattary for 9 years. I spent a lot of time with babies needing love & developed special bonds with many of them. They even take in AIDS+ & Feline Leukemia cats–not many can say that. Our first cat was adopted from this place. My cats are my kids and I treat them as such, some of them sleep with us, others do their own thing. I play with them, you know come down & play on their level. We are very close with them..wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    1. That proves my point exactly. I think the way you treat a pet reflects on their personality. When I was a kid I helped out at a stables and developed a bond with a horse and when the owners moved they gave me her . She was an older mare and was so shy and skittish. In the end she’d follow me around and I didn’t even have to lead her. I was the only person at the yard with a horse like that because I invested so much time into her and didn’t just see her as an animal to ride x

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  4. Sharma is so precious! I love her! We always have these debates in my office and there is a lot of un-warranted cat hating. I think a lot of people find kitties untrustworthy, but I think that’s part of their charm ;). I have two chinchillas and they do there own thing, but they seem to love me in some capacity…

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  5. Cutie 😍 My petite little girl tortoiseshell kitty greets me at the door each time I come home, and she’ll follow me around the house meowing & purring and will bombard me with licking, talking and kneading as soon as I sit down. If I don’t sit she’ll jump up to hang on my shoulder and nuzzle me. My cat acts like a dog- they are both loyal wonderful creatures ❤️ And love their owners unconditionally so long as they are treated right

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