Do I hate meat eaters?


After scrolling down some of the comment sections of vegan youtubers  ( Freelee in particular) and doing a quick internet search I’ve noticed a little  bit of hating from vegans directed towards meat eaters.

 I admit it’s frustrating. I can’t help feeling a little disgusted when I walk past a  KFC and see people chomping down on buckets of chicken but I don’t think we  should hate them. I don’t condone eating meat but is hating on that person really going to be effective?

 People don’t respond well to negativity. If I start screaming at people to put down  that beef burger are they going to listen? I cant make someone go vegetarian or  vegan but I can help educate them and promote animal awareness.

My family for example are all meat eaters, and I grew up eating the same kind of way.  Although I haven’t completely converted them they are now actively reducing their  meat intake and completely avoiding anything containing rennet. A small difference but still a  little accomplishment. Even triggering a small change in someone can be a small step in eliminating  their consumption of animal products completely.

 I’ve asked meat eaters many of times, if you had to kill your own food would you  still eat meat? The answer is almost always no. People turn a blind eye to the suffering  of animals or choose to be ignorant but I reckon a lot of people would change their  mind if they realised what truly happens within the meat and dairy industry. Spread the word, educate people, promote awareness and show them that cutting  out meat isn’t as hard as they may believe and they can still enjoy food.

 Bully tactics, shaming and hateful words won’t make people change.  If anything it just gives a bad name to vegans and vegetarians and it could potentially  put people off being associated with that label.

 You won’t always be successful, some people won’t change their ways no matter  what you do and say but it’s worth knowing you’ve tried.



8 thoughts on “Do I hate meat eaters?

  1. I’ve been a full meat eater a pescetarian and a vegetarian. At this point I would say I’m a pesecetarian who eats a small amount of chicken. I can tell you with 100% honesty the reason is cost and ease. I shop and cook for 3 people and they both eat chicken. They are both super picky eaters, but they are picky about different things. Neither likes more than a couple vegetables and my husband eats no beans or lentils.
    I gave up beef and pork (because those were the only other meats I ate) 3 years ago. They did not. It took about a year but they now no longer eat beef or pork. The only meat product in my home is chicken and fish. I gave up dairy milk and most cheese about 2 years ago. They did not, but now my husband no longer drinks dairy milk. I look at this as a process. If all three of us could go vegetarian, I would do it in a heartbeat but for ME and my family, it’s not practical or affordable for me to eat entirely different. I tried for 7 months recently and it was ridiculous. I ended up going without and eating in a non sustainable way because it was too much work to basically cook 3 different meals every night.
    That being said, for me and I’m sure many people the guilt I feel eating meat and dairy is more than enough. I don’t need anyone making me feel worse about it. You can never unlearn the hell that is factory farming. You can buy cage free and support local farms that are at least more humane than big business, but you can’t forget once you know.
    Thank you for this post and your thoughtful and understanding words.

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    1. It’s so ridiculous how expensive vegan and veggie substitutes can be isn’t it. The important thing is that you have took steps to reduce your meat and dairy intake and you try eat ethically where you can. Just by reading your blog it’s obvious you care greatly about the welfare of animals x

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  2. Great post. I eat a whole foods plant-based diet. I don’t judge or condemn. I was 65 before I cut all animal products from my diet. I do try to educate and share any info I feel is important. If we want everyone to be kind to the animals, we should also be kind to one another.

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