Why my cat will never be vegan or vegetarian


After reading an article about vegetarian and vegan pets on peta.org I thought  I’d share my opinion on the matter and explain why my cat will always be a  meat eater.

 Peta does state that you should monitor your pet but this in itself is a red light for  me.

 I’m not completely denying that SOME cats may thrive on a vegan or vegetarian  diet but without hard evidence that this dietary lifestyle is keeping a cat healthy I  find it difficult to believe.

Is it hypercritical that I don’t eat meat but allow my cat to keep doing so?  I don’t think so. Just because I choose to eat a certain way or live a certain  lifestyle doesn’t mean I should force my cat to do the same. The reason I don’t  eat meat or animal products is because I care about the life and welfare of animals,  because I cannot stand animal cruelty and I believe animals are not ours to do what  we please with and by  putting my cat on a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle I would  (in my opinion) be doing the very thing I despise so much.

Cats are obligate carnivores and no matter how much you wish that wasn’t true it is  plain and simple. Cats need meat to thrive, to meet their nutritional needs and maintain their  protein requirement. They get many key nutrients from meat including vitamin b12 and Taurine,  these vitamins can not be gained sufficiently from plant based foods.  You could argue supplying your cat with extra supplements containing these  vitamins whilst on a plant based diet would be sufficient but would you really  want to take the risk? I know I wouldn’t. When cats don’t meet their nutritional  needs they can start showing problems with their liver and heart, playing with  my cats diet is not something I’d chance no matter how well I researched and  planned it out.

 My cat’s a house cat so she doesn’t go out but she still manages to gobble up  spiders and the crane flies that come in through the window in summer despite  my protest. Cats that go outside will find some bit of disregarded meat, hook out  a fish from a pond or find a mouse to catch so as far as I’m concerned that is cats  showing us they are meant to be meat eaters.

Without looking at the health facts for a second I’m also going to think of my cats  enjoyment too.My cat loves her food and adores meat and fish but she is a fuss pot.  A lot of cats are the same, they would rather go hungry then eat something they  didn’t like.

 If your thinking of getting a cat and putting them on a vegan diet then I’m  sorry but please get a rabbit or a hamster. I’d love a snake but couldn’t stand to  feed them what they eat so I’d never have one

 Please consider your pets before changing their diet to match yours,  if putting your cat on a meat free diet is going to cause them harm then you  are being an irresponsible pet owner.





9 thoughts on “Why my cat will never be vegan or vegetarian

  1. Great post! I did a lot of research on this topic for my dog. You have to know exactly what your doing or you can very easily be depriving them of things they need to. It can be done, but not without a lot of knowledge.

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  2. Exactly right, cats are carnivorous and so excel on a carnivorous diet- not a vegan one. Vegan works for people, but it would be a lot harder for a cat. xx

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  3. Hadn’t seen this post when I wrote mine about Leo’s veganism. Glad you mentioned it in your award responses! Interesting to hear the opposite view. I completely agree that changing his diet just to match mine would be unfair, but he LOVES his vegan dry food (he ate it immediately without any complaints – something he never did with his meaty dry food – he’s a VERY fussy eater) and it should be giving him all the nutrients he needs. If he hadn’t eaten the food, he’d have gone back to meat – I wouldn’t have starved him! Same goes for if it begins to cause any health issues, although an article by a veterinary specialist about the topic on the Vegan Society website (I did even more research into vegan cats after reading the concerned comments on my blog post) actually suggests illnesses from meat-based diets for cats are far more common than ones from a balanced vegan one. Not saying all cats should be made vegan, but if they like the vegan food, are getting all the nutrients they need and are staying healthy, I don’t see any harm. xx

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  4. I think it’s honestly kind of you to be a vegan and allow your cat to eat meat regardless. I have heard of people who have their dogs on strict vegetarian diets, and I feel personally like that is not right. A balance of both is normal and healthy, in nature both creatures thrive on meat/fish and it’s totally normal. As omnivores, dogs are ABLE to survive on plant materials alone, but even then they are meat eaters by nature and do best with at least some meat in their diet. So even though dogs can survive on a vegan diet, it is not in their best interest and would do best given some meat in their diet. Cats are a different story- Cats are obligated carnivores who need meat to thrive, survive and be healthy. Dietary protein supplies amino acids and is needed for the manufacturing of antibodies, enzymes, hormones, and tissues in your cats body. It also provides energy and is an essential for growth & development. The protein deprived from them like meat and poultry contains ample amounts of these essential amino acids important for our kitties. While vegetable and grain based proteins provide amino acids, cats, unlike dogs, lack the enzyme required to process them metabolically. Another big difference in nutritional requirements is cats’ need for taurine, which is important for proper functioning of their little hearts. 🙂 Meat is a natural source of taurine; it is not available in plant tissues. Dogs can make their own taurine, but cats however cannot. So I think you made a great choice and I totally applaud you for not being selfish, as some people are 👍🏼

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    1. Thank you :). Wow you certainly know your stuff. I think as a pet owner you have to make responsible choices and do what’s right for your pet- that means not forcing your lifestyle on them if you believe it’s not in their best interest. x

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