My hair care routine


I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my hair. I like that its super thick but it  takes so long to style, it can be difficult to manage and it gets knotty so easily.

To be honest I hate doing anything with hair. I hate curling it, I hate styling it, washing  it even bores me but I do try and take care of my hair, especially as I used to bleach it.



I brush my hair twice a day and at night I take a good ten minutes just going through  my hair with a wooden brush to distribute the natural oils through my hair and to  make sure its knot free.


Once a week I use an oil treatment on my hair. I alternate between coconut oil and  argan oil or I mix them both together. I start by sectioning my hair and apply a generous  amount to the end of each hair section and use a comb ( a very cheap one I might add)  to run it through each strand. Once I’ve covered all my hair I massage my scalp for about 5 minutes to promote hair  growth and keep my roots nice and healthy.I leave the oil on for at least an hour before  I rinse it off.


I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I’m currently using this coconut shampoo  and conditioner from Holland and Barrats which I like because it contains coconut  oil and makes my hair nice and soft and smells lovely.


I try not to use any heat on my hair , I never blow dry it and will only curl it if  I’m going on a night out or going somewhere special. Usually I will put a curl  cream through it then either put it in plaits or pin curl it.


What’s your hair care routine?


5 thoughts on “My hair care routine

  1. I wish I could let my hair air dry but it would be an atrocious mess! I love argan oil (smells so good omg) I use it after washing to smooth n detangle; it also works great to add luster & volume after blow-drying.

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  2. I don’t have one! 😉 I have a hate/hate relationship with my hair. It’s super fine but I have a lot of it. It holds no body or style. It’s just sort of there. I almost always wear it up in a crazy top bun and i only leave it long because my hubs and I have a deal…I don’t cut my hair and he doesn’t shave his facial hair. 😉 It’s pretty oily at the roots (i have to wash it daily) and it tangles like crazy.

    You might be able to help me with one issue. I have tried several CF/natural shampoos and conditioners. I’ve had terrible luck. All of the shampoos leave my hair feeling like straw in the shower and impossible to comb out while wet. Once my hair is dry my hair feels very soft and looks healthy. I just hate the feeling when it’s wet. I try not to use conditioner every day because my hair is so oily. Any suggestions?

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    1. I think the reason your hair doesn’t feel so great wet is because a lot of the natural shampoos don’t contain silicone. Perhaps it would be better to use a shampoo that does contain a silicone as that adds a sort of slip to your hair and its good for de-tangling. Shampoos will usually state if they don’t contain silicone but if in doubt it perhaps will be best to use a cf ‘un-natural’ product. Also have you tried using shampoos containing aloe vera or tea tree oil as they are supposed to be good at controlling grease. Hope that helps, let me know how you get on 🙂 x

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      1. Thank you! I just bought a new one to try when I finish up the one I’m using. If that doesn’t work better I will looks for something following your recommendations. 🙂 I go through a lot of shampoo, (Washing daily) so I’ll know quickly.

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